Pearl Supply Company Limited.

Pearl Supply Company Limited.

Your relaxation and beauty are waiting for Pearl

Pearl's products are intentionally blended  the best Thai's natural ingredients to serve your joy and relaxation. Bamboo Charcoal - Coffee - Plai can be used as detoxified agent. Ginger and Lime will do the whithening duty. Thai Flowers aroma therapy bring calm and relaxation. Try one of our best blended and you will allow us to be part of your life.

Thai Herbs : Ginger , Plai , Lime , Bergamot , Roselle , Basil , Clove , Galangal , Bamboo , Aloevera

Thai Fruits : Mango , Custard Apple , Coconut , Pine Apple , Orange , Tamarind , Mangoesteen


Our products category can be expanded to reach your requirements. At  present  ,we provide, for example, Body Scrub , Body Lotion , Massage Oil , Essential Oil , Shower Gel , Bath Salt , Shampoo , Hair treatment and we also provide accessories for using in your leading SPA and Hotel such as Thai Herbal Press , Paper and Soft Panty , Shower Cap and we can do bespoke products as well.

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